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Speech therapy

The word speech therapy derives from the Greek terms logos or speech and paideia education.

The speech therapist is the professional who deals with the prevention, evaluation and rehabilitation of speech and communication pathologies in developmental, adult and geriatric age.

This definition embraces a vast field, communication is made up of many things in addition to words, in fact it includes: communicative intention, gestures, triangulation, intonation, turns of conversation, construction of the sentence and so on.

This professional figure is also used in the presence of other pathologies: mental retardation, attention disorders, deafness, diphonia, dysphagia, atypical swallowing and stuttering .


• Assessment, counseling and follow-up of late speakers (LT) aged 2 - 3 years

• Evaluation and treatment of Primary Language Disorders (DPL): phonological disorder, expressive and receptive morphosyntactic deficit, phonetic-articulatory disorders

• Assessment and treatment of Specific Learning Disorders (DSA): Dyslexia, Dysorthography, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia

• Evaluation and treatment of swallowing problems (Orofacial Muscle Imbalance)

• Assessment and treatment of stuttering

• Group therapies

• Activities for children and young people with SLD to encourage the learning of effective study methods, enhancement of study autonomy and enhance self-esteem


Qual è il ruolo del Logopedista?

What is the role of the speech therapist?

Often within the multidisciplinary team, the speech therapist draws up the speech therapy assessment aimed at identifying and satisfying the patient's health needs.

As a first step he makes a medical history with the parents or collects the patient's data to find out if there are salient and useful clinical elements in the history of the child and / or his family. Only subsequently through the administration of standardized tests or clinical observations does the evaluation proceed to obtain a functional profile of the patient. On the basis of the results and the collection of data, a treatment plan is carried out and an eventual take-over is carried out.

Quali sono gli ambiti di intervento del Logopedista?

What are the areas of intervention of the speech therapist?

The range of action is very broad and embraces various areas; in the neuro-behavioral field (head trauma, brain pathologies, autism, dementia) in the neurological and neuropsychological field (aphasia, agnosia, verbal dyspraxia) and in the ENT and phoniatric one (dysphonia, dyslalia, dysfunctional swallowing).

Itis an adult

• Dysphonia assessment, treatment and counseling

• Assessment and treatment of Aphasia

• Evaluation and treatment of swallowing problems (Orofacial Muscle Imbalance)

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