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Cos'è la fisioterapia?

Physiotherapy is a branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of patients suffering from pathologies or dysfunctions in the musculoskeletal, neurological and visceral fields through multiple therapeutic interventions, such as: manual / manipulative therapy, therapeutic exercise, massage therapy, postural therapy, kinesitherapy, motor re-education.

The paths, customized for individual patients, will lead to the achievement of specific objectives, for example the reduction of a painful symptomatology or the functional recovery of a specific gesture (which can range from walking in a deconditioned subject to the movement necessary for an athlete for his sports practice).

The initial evaluation will allow to establish the rehabilitation plan, in which the active participation of the patient will be a fundamental aspect, both during the session in the office and, where appropriate, at home, in the form of exercises.

The patient will be followed step by step in the physiotherapy process, in a continuous discussion with the therapist, until the set goals are achieved.

We deal with:

  • Physiokinesitherapy

  • Motor re-education

  • Post traumatic rehabilitation

  • PRE and POST operative rehabilitation

  • Neurological rehabilitation

  • Sports rehabilitation

  • Cardio-respiratory rehabilitation

  • Proprioceptive gymnastics

  • Postural gymnastics

  • Neuromuscular taping

  • Functional bandage with partial immobilization

  • Tecar therapy

Services with possible ultrasound monitoring


EcoGuided Physiotherapy

EcoGuidata ™ Physiotherapy represents the evolution in the clinical practice of the physiotherapist.


By using the ultrasound scanner during the physiotherapy session, when deemed appropriate, the patient's state of recovery is checked and monitored.

The ultrasound system used by the Physiotherapist allows you to instantly observe the degree of articular excursion and the various muscular, fascial and tendon planes. Thanks to this tool, the effectiveness of treatment is increased.

masso_Tavola disegno 1.png


Massophysiotherapy is the health discipline that uses therapeutic massage and manual manipulation for the treatment of various musculoskeletal pathologies such as: low back sciatica, neck pain, migraine, herniated disc, plantar fasciitis, muscle tears, sprains, contractures, stroke whip, scapulo-humeral periarthritis, osteoarticular pathologies.

The physiotherapist works for the prevention, recovery and maintenance of the patient's physical well-being and his intervention is recommended when a functional restoration of the muscles in terms of mobility and elasticity, correct posture, to relieve muscle pain is required. , articular or organic or to support athletic training.

It carries out its activity through therapeutic techniques such as postural and motor re-education, corrective gymnastics, post-operative rehabilitation, massage therapy and other rehabilitation procedures.


Physiotherapy at home

The home physiotherapy service is offered to those patients who are unable to leave their home and who need to start a personalized physiotherapy course due to an injury or a pathology.


The therapist is prepared to enhance the characteristics and the setting where the session is carried out for rehabilitation purposes in order to achieve the objectives set with the patient. As in the office, physiotherapy has multiple forms of intervention at home, among which the most frequent are motor rehabilitation, post-traumatic rehabilitation, post-operative rehabilitation, and neurological rehabilitation.


The home treatment has the same effectiveness as the treatment provided in the office.

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