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Hope is a Professional Firm born with the desire to create a place in which to integrate the skills and professionalism of a constantly updated multidisciplinary team, with the aim of working with clarity, transparency and synergy.

It is a center where hospitality and availability create a space for the child, the family and the person in the area of health and support for motor rehabilitation and neuropsychomotor and cognitive development.

The pillars of Hope's planning are the attention, centrality and uniqueness of the person. The patient is considered in his entirety and the personal relationship is fundamental from taking charge to the end of the path.

Offers professional services in Osteopathy, Physiotherapy,

Orthopedics, Physiatry, Massophysiotherapy, Psychotherapy, Neuropsychomotricity Therapy of Developmental Age, Specific Learning Disorders, Child Neuropsychiatry,   Speech therapy.

  ♡ by Studio Hope

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