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Roberta Bocchetti

Graduated in OSTEOPATHY at the Higher Institute of Osteopathy of Milan in July 2008 with the title of Bachelor of Science in Osteopathy (BSc), issued by the University of Wales, and the Diploma in Osteopathy (DO), issued by the Registry of Osteopaths of Italy with a two-year experimental thesis project entitled "Effect of craniosacral osteopathic treatment in patients with non-specific neck pain".

He immediately began his collaboration as an assistant of Biomechanics and functional palpatory anatomy, soon assuming the role of Clinical Teacher and Tutor at the clinic of the Higher Institute of Osteopathy.

Even today this professional commitment represents a solid and important pillar of his working life. In fact, this increasingly strengthens the importance of teamwork and training and in 2019 he obtained the Master in Education (Postgraduate Certificate Advanced Osteopathic Practice EDUCATION of the University College of Osteopathy of London).

In October 2008 he began his activity as an osteopath at a Medical and a Pediatric Office in Milan and in 2014 he began an important collaboration with the D&D Center (Doctors & Doulas) specialized in obstetrics and gynecology where he works as an osteopath and contributes in the Pre-birth course (“The role of osteopathy in women and children”).

In February 2020 at the Sala Pirelli of the Palazzo Pirelli he participated as a speaker at the event "We protect the pregnant worker: in her womb there is a brain in formation" organized by OMCeOMI.

The years of activity allow her to understand and build more and more her personal osteopathic identity where the main fields of interest are gynecological-obstetrics and pediatrics for which she attends numerous post-graduate courses with the most important teachers of these sectors, quoting Sergueef Nicette , Renzo Molinari and Caroline Stone.

This training culminates in 2019 with the course "Rehabilitation in neuropsychomotor development disorders" by Dr. Mario Castagnini which concretizes the planning of teamwork that have always been the concrete heart of his professional, personal and training choices.

In 2019, the HOPE Project was born, with the aim of creating multidisciplinary and team work in the motor and cognitive field, placing the child at the center of this project.


Registered in the Register of Osteopaths of Italy - number 1119

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