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Lara  Rebasti

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist 

He was born in Milan, where he still lives today.

After classical studies, in 2000 he graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of  Studies in Milan.  

In 2004 he specialized in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Milan Bicocca. 

The study process was varied and allowed her to explore multiple aspects of the  Rehabilitation: initially, for her thesis, she attended the Don Gnocchi Foundation di  Milan where he had the opportunity to approach the reality of rehabilitation in the forms of  dementia and cognitive impairment. Subsequently he approached rehabilitation  neurological and disability by serving, as an intern and as a freelancer,   at the ASTRI / ARICO center led by Prof. Cecilia Morosini the AIAS center of  Monza. 

From 2004 to 2011 she was First Level Medical Director at the Rehabilitation Department  Specialist of the San Carlo Clinic in Paderno Dugnano, where she still carries out activities  outpatient with prevalence of rehabilitation interventions on orthopedic problems e  musculoskeletal.  

Since 2011 he has been working as a Freelancer in several studios in Milan and Hinterland.  


Over the years she has developed great interest in Complementary Medicines, certain that the  condition of "disease" is increasingly linked to a multifaceted set of problems 

which must be known and explored in each individual patient.

Therefore, she approached the techniques of Manual Medicine (AIMM school and SCS method), di  Neuromuscular Taping (David Blow method) and Low Dose Medicine for which she is completing the three-year training course.  


Since 2001 she has been enrolled in the Order of Medical Surgeons of Milan, nr 37232

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