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Camilla Mandrisi

Graduated in OSTEOPATHY from the Higher Institute of Osteopathy of Milan in July 2017 with the title of Master Of Science in Osteopathy (MSc), issued by Buckinghamshire New University (UK), and the Diploma in Osteopathy (DO), issued by the Osteopaths Registry of Italy with a two-year experimental thesis project entitled "Efficacy of osteopathic manipulative treatment in patients suffering from Fibromyalgia Syndrome".

From September 2017 he began to gain experience, collaborating in the osteopathy and physiotherapy office of the osteopath Roberta Bocchetti (DO, mROI), with particular attention to the treatment of the adult patient. From the collaboration comes a shared project that will lead to the conception and realization of Hope.

After graduating, in parallel with his work in the studio, he took part in the Department of Visceral Anatomy as a teaching assistance, at the Higher Institute of Osteopathy in Milan.

In 2019 he deepens the theme of the rehabilitation of psycho-neuro-motor development disorders in infants by participating in the post Graduate at the TCIO in Milan by Dr. M Castagnini.


Registered in the Register of Osteopaths of Italy - number 3560

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